Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organ scholar at Scots' Church

Starting the beginning of March, i took the position of becoming Scots' Church Organ Scholar. What a privilege to be able to play regularly at the Rieger organ with 4 manuals!
Click on the link to read more about Scots' Organ or music at Scots' Church Melbourne.

I'm so blessed to be given the opportunity this year, although i have a lot of other music commitments from teaching to music recording, but it is worth to sacrifice by putting more hard work into it!

For the past 4 weeks, i start my Sunday morning with choir practice. It is a full on rehearsal, learning how to do sight singing (read the notes, imagine how it sounds & sing it out loud!). Plus the text is not only in English, but German, Italian, and Latin too! I'm getting better at this as time goes by...

This week is my 5th Sunday. I play the organ during Prelude and Postlude, before and after the service. Pretty soon, i will be taking care for the whole service! A big responsibility... Excited but nervous as the same time!

Next weekend, I'm going perform at Southern Grampians Promenade of Sacred Music. Time to spend a lot more time with the organ! :D


  1. Oh... is that Douglas Lawrence? His office is next to the Sunday School at my church! And his office use to be a Sunday School room!

    -Serafim :)

    1. Yes that is Douglas Lawrence from Scots' Church :)



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